The Regulators; SEO News June 9 2011

The Regulators

Welcome to another week of “the Regulators” on SEO Dojo Radio! The boys have been wading through tweets and news for the past week to come up with what looks like a fantastic show even if I do say so myself!

“Mount Up!” shouts the Gypsy as he and the rest of “the Regulators” Justin Parks, Steve Gerenscer and Terry Van Horne are off again on a journey to the Wasteland of the Panda update; Schemin’; Video Previews in SERPs; Google announces rel=”Author” attribute; Google dumps support for IE 7; T asks do they know what is a ranking signal?; Marketing to a younger audience on Social sites and the boys will cover more more places along the ole SEO trail.

Show Notes and Links

the Regulators:

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