The Regulators Search News; February 26 2015

The Regulators

Welcome to another episode of SEO Dojo Radio’s Regulators. This week Terry, Dave and Steve continued with another tips portion of the show picking up  from the previous learning segment in which Steve provided 8 Tips to Improve your Local Listings. Terry wrote a post on 4 Tips to Manipulate Google Local SEO signals to add a few more local tips with a slant towards targeting country specific indexes.

In the news section the guys discussed Google Local Guide; Google Tightens it’s grip on the money being made over at Youtube; Google Flights – seems legit and who would complain?; Pinterest continues to get better at fighting spam; Googles new hacked classifier misclassifies web sites; Older copy of the Webmaster Guidelines; Google Vietnam was hacked breifly; Google chat boxes on local listings; Panda turns 4?;  What to ask when hiring an SEO… (from Bing) and more!

Here’s the video:

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