The Regulators Search News; December 22nd 2014

The Regulators

Welcome to another episode of SEO Dojo Radio’s Regulators. This week Dave, Steve and Terry were all in the house causing the usual chaos and mayhem! The crew discussed a recent post on ranking factors upon which Bill Slawski joined in on the fun adding his words of caution and guidance on this with the guys! Bill was invited to discuss his thorough post on the PageRank Replacement patent approval that looks to be pulling together some older ranking factors like topic sensitive Page Rank; some tweaks to the passing of internal link equity and more!

Next on the agenda was The Search Congress initiative by SEMPO. Bill was in full SnarkNado mode and we all had a good laugh at the expense of the initiative. Oh well! It is, what it is and personally, Webmaster T thinks he was dumb to think that it would ever change! No linkage…. because we do not support any of that nonsense because the industry deserves more… much more! Lastly we covered a post on using spam methods to leverage Google’s use of click analysis on a SERP for Negative SEO. For long time SERP out strategist’s like T and David they’ve known for years that click analysis has been baked into the algo! Not many people really discussed it because it was a huge advantage and those are the techniques one keeps to themselves or shares with a closed community or better still… your closest friends who can actually exploit it!

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