SEO Dojo Radio: Google Places Freaks out SEOs and Virginia Nussey Drops by!

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Steve's LLamaYes, it’s that time again.. WE’RE BACK! While there was plenty going on over the last week, it seems we shall be spending most of the time in the first half of the show talking about the shake up in Google local via the places changes. It’s certainly got a lot of folks up in arms, but is it really something they should be bitching about? Or is it a tempest in a tea pot? We’re going to find out. Topics on hand include;

  • Google Local SERP shake-up
  • Google employees heading to Facebook
  • RDFa support for ecommerce

Virginia Nussey

Life and times of Virginia Nussey

In the second part of the show this week we have Virginia Nussey in house. Best known as a prominent blogger for Bruce Clay and host of SEM Synergy, she’s now out on her own. We’ll talk to her about what she’s doing with herself now and her take on the world of copy writing and where she see’s SEO headed. Once again, it should be yet another great show. We’re 16 weeks in and going strong. So let’s get to it shall we?



Show Notes and Links

Note Google Places Morphed into Google MyBusiness

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