SEO Dojo Radio: Episode 15 w/ Brian Carter

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Steve w/AlpacaWell another week has passed and it’s time for that long awaited day (right?). Yes, it’s this week’s episode of SEO Dojo Radio (cue enthusiastic crowd). This week we have the full compliment as far as the regulators are concerned and we’ll be digging into;

  • #$@& Web Designers… nuff said.
  • Google indexing bug
  • Fear not the duplicate content penalty
  • Things Eric Schmidt says
  • Google TV
  • Zynga patent woes

And that’s just what’s on our list, it tends to wander as you well know ;0)

It’s Brian Carter Guy

Brian Carter

In the second half of the show this week we have the multi-talented Brian Carter joining us. I’ve known him for a few years and if you’ve not heard of him, today’s a good day for it.


He has been at it since 1999 and worked in SEO, PPC and now social. We’ve always enjoyed his work over the years, so getting to know him better should be a blast.

Disclaimer; it should be noted that no animals were hurt in the making of this show (this week).

Show Notes

Google Says “Don’t Be Afraid” Of Duplicate Content

Things Eric Schmidt says – JUST MOVE

Zynga patent story and patent filing

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His internet marketing blog

Brian on SEJ

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