SEO Dojo Radio: A new year marathon


Regulators New YearsHello and welcome back to SEO Dojo Radio for 2011! We’ve had a few weeks off and an entire year to catch up on. So, things are bound to run a little over our usual time slot. But you can take it can’t ya? Nothing better to do right? Hee hee. Either way, it should be a bunch of fun – let’s get it on!

Some topics we’re looking at include;

  • No more ignorance in 2011!
  • Google Instant
  • Meta data and microformats
  • Social Signals
  • Google local/places/mobile (Note Google Places morphed into Google MyBusiness)
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Google Gaming (Zynga et al)
  • Yahoo’s slow death
  • Borker gets busted
  • LDA Fiasco
  • SEO will be dead again!

Show Notes and Links

Once more, all the best to you and yours for the year ahead. We’re always looking to improve the show and have a wide variety of guests lined up for the near future including Danny Sullivan on next week’s show.

Cya in the SERPs!


The Hosts

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