SEO Dojo Radio a Grinchy affair!


The RegulatorsWelcome to another edition of SEO Dojo Radio and happy holidays to you and yours. This week’s show should be a good one as we’ve a ton of offerings to rile the gang up with. You’re stuck with the 4 amigos for the next few weeks as most peeps are busy with the holidays. We do have some great guests lined up for the new year including Danny Sullivan and more.

Steve and BieberThis week a few topics we’ll be covering include;

  • Google Maps says Costa Rica was invaded by Nicaragua!
  • Proof keywords don’t matter
  • Google says NO to brand bias
  • Twitter launches advertising model
  • Standing up to Google
  • Google’s Acquisition of Zetawire
  • Anna Patterson back at Google

Show Notes and Links

The Hosts

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