Search Geeks Speak: Content Production and Promotion

Search Geeks Speak
Welcome back to another episode of Search Geeks Speak. In this episode Terry and Dave are interviewing Debra Mastaler of Alliance Link, Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media, Kristi Hines of and Doc Sheldon of Top Shelf Copy.

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Content Production & Promotion

The panel went over the tools and techniques they use to leverage content production and promote content.


    1. Leveraging the production process to provide content for multiple Social platform and promotion channels
    1. Planning the production process to raise visibility before and after content is released.


    • What Prospecting/Monitoring tools do you use for link development and Social
    • What online and offline outreach techniques do you find most effective. If possible can we discuss the “appropriate” use of Press releases, directories and guest posting on blogs

Content Production & Promotion:


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