Search Geeks Speak: SEO Project Startup

Terry and Dave kick off seaon 6 with a panel on SEO Project Startup with longtime SEO veterans Russ Dunn and Bill Slawski. Combined the panel have over 80 years of experience managing SEO campaigns as freelance SEO’s; own(ed) an SEO Agency; worked for a large agency or have worked at a combination of all! This show was widely requested on Facebook and within the SEO Training Dojo community!


This show will be very interesting to the many web developers and SEO’s out there who have the ability to do the work but aren’t quite sure or have little experience finding and taking on clients. In a subsequent show we’ll cover prospecting for and landing clients. In this show we are going to assume the services have been sold. In this show we will begin the discussion with intial client intake and launching the SEO campaign.

The participants had differing methods of client intake, however, there were many similarities with all using client meetings, site audits, client questionaires (formal and informal) and competitive analysis. One thing they all had in common was seldom needing a “face to face” interview with the client. Some of the participants used a more formal document with questions about the site and it’s SEO history and others asked questions in online meetings or phone calls. They all agreed that these meetings are crucial to determining the sites goals and managing client expectations.


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