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These were the first shows that Dave and Terry did before they came up with the formats for the Regulators and Search Geeks Speak. They decided to start doing 2 shows one that is meant to be informational and less entertaining whereas the Regulators is all about the fun Terry and Dave have doing it and sharing it with their Dojo mates and SEO Community.

SEO Dojo Radio: Episode 14 with Garrett French on Link Building

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Another amazing wk at the Dojo! We even managed to get the Radio show out against all odds. Justin couldn’t make it he was watching the wee man and just knackered as he builds out his new biz. Justin would have loved Steve’s new avatar read more

SEO Dojo Radio with Guest Jill Whalen

Hello and good day to my fellow search geeks… I hope all is well with you. This week on the show the entire cast of regulars (which we’ve come to lovingly call; the Regulators) are in da’ house! We’ve got a few interesting read more

Episode 12 – SEO Dojo Radio with Joe Hall of Who’s talkin

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Hey gang, how’s things? It’s REAL great to see you… erm… ‘sense your presence’?. Anyway, welcome to this week’s edition of SEO Dojo Radio!! We have the three amigos on tap as Justin won’t be joining read more

SEO Dojo Radio: Episode 11 Featuring Dazzlin’ Donna Fontenot

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This week’s edition of the podcast saw the regulars myself Dave and  Steve (minus Justin) shoot from the hip on a variety of topics including:

  • Bing-hoo – why does no one talk about them, just Google?
  • Google SEO starter guide update
  • Google instant – recent data coming out and lawsuit in France.
  • Odd SERP testing – a page with only 4 results?

On the second half of the show dave and I interviewed (Dazzlin) Donna Fontenot. She was a blast read more