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These were the first shows that Dave and Terry did before they came up with the formats for the Regulators and Search Geeks Speak. They decided to start doing 2 shows one that is meant to be informational and less entertaining whereas the Regulators is all about the fun Terry and Dave have doing it and sharing it with their Dojo mates and SEO Community.

SEO Dojo Radio: Our 100th Show Episode

SEO Dojo Radio !00th Show Celebration

Welcome to the first in a series of episodes to celebrate SEO Dojo Radio’s 100th show. We put a call out to all past guests and although everyone seems to be in New York for Search Engine Strategies, as they say, the show must go on! read more

SEO Dojo Radio: A new year marathon

Regulators New Years

Hello and welcome back to SEO Dojo Radio for 2011! We’ve had a few weeks off and an entire year to catch up on. So, things are bound to run a little over our usual time slot. But you can read more

SEO Dojo Radio a Grinchy affair!

The Regulators

Welcome to another edition of SEO Dojo Radio and happy holidays to you and yours. This week’s show should be a good one as we’ve a ton of offerings to rile the gang up with. You’re stuck with the 4 amigos for the next few read more

SEO Dojo RadioTrailer parks, social signals and the Borker gets busted

The Regulators

Welcome to (yet another?) week on SEO Dojo Radio. This week we had so much goodiness on our list we’ve forgone a guest and will spend the full hour with the regulators. Yea I know, you are just THRILLED by that right? We’re read more

SEO Dojo Radio: Metric madness, Search, social and Brian Wallace in da house!

Brian Wallace

Welcome to this weeks edition of SEO Dojo Radio! This week should be a busy one as we’ve a lot of topics to cover and my good friend Brian Wallace dropping in for the second half of the show. In the first part we’ll be looking at a read more

SEO Dojo Radio: A happy holiday rant. Steve gets stomped and Barry Schwartz drops by

SEO Dojo Radio

Hello and welcome to (yet another) edition of SEO Dojo Radio. You keep listening, so we keep talking. Since it’s Thanksgiving down States side, a huge thanks to all for tuning in. And to those of you on iTunes, (who can’t read this read more

SEO is too hard, spammers are winning, bla bla bla…whateva’

SEO Dojo Radio

Hey there, what’s shakin’? It’s time again for this week’s edition of SEO Dojo Radio! Yes, I know, you’ve been just dying for it right? This week it will just be the regulators (Terry, Steve, Justin and myself) read more

Google Changes in 2010 and a killer rabbit too!

SEO Dojo Radio

Hello my weary web wandering search geek, it’s time for everyone’s favourite non-family friendly SEO talk show! SEO Dojo Radio is on the air! This week we have no guest… yup, it’s true. We have the regulators in house read more

SEO Dojo Radio: Google Places Freaks out SEOs and Virginia Nussey Drops by!

SEO Dojo Radio

Yes, it’s that time again.. WE’RE BACK! While there was plenty going on over the last week, it seems we shall be spending most of the time in the first half of the show talking about the shake up in Google local via read more

SEO Dojo Radio: Episode 15 w/ Brian Carter

SEO Dojo Radio Logo

Well another week has passed and it’s time for that long awaited day (right?). Yes, it’s this week’s episode of SEO Dojo Radio (cue enthusiastic crowd). This week we have the full compliment as far as the regulators are read more