SEO Testing: the Great Debate

Search Geeks Speak

Directors Cut: Testing is a time honored tradition with SEO’s from the days when infoseek provided the exact point at which the repetition of phrases, keyword stuffing images and other spamilicious activity would get you penalized read more

Google Raters Guide Panel

Search Geeks Speak

Directors Cut: David and I have been doing these deep dives on the raters guide for many years and have found them very useful in making, to a lesser degree, adjustments to our SEO techniques, however, it is a big part of the content strategy read more

Search Geeks Speak: Technical SEO Site Audits

Search Geeks Speak

It’s not often that you get a chance to take in an SEO discussion with some of the best minds in the SEO business. This Technical SEO Site Audit Panel shared a lot of information about the whole process from the initial contact and meeting read more

This Week In Search: Season 2 Episode 23


The panel this week included Steve Bonin, David Harry, Steve Plunket, Doc Sheldon, Terry Van Horne, Kevin Doory, Katherine Parsons, Blair Urquat and Bill Slawski who are either members of the SEO Training Dojo or Friends of the Dojo. We would read more

This Week In Search: Season 2 Episode 22

SEO Dojo Radio

The group kicked off with Anne talking about a program she is trying that enables you to leverage video in a marketing campaign. Tim asked about newsletters and read more

This Week In Search: Season 2 Episode 21

This Week in Search

Anne started the hangout discussing a Local SEO campaign including a Facebook app which Terry added that he had done it in the past and wished her luck! Bill Slawski went on to discuss an upcoming post on Google read more

This Week In Search: Season 2 Episode 20

This Week in Search

Anne led off the hangout talking about Yelp. She mentioned using Yelp wifi to increase reviews. The jury is out on that as it has not been in long enough to evaluate it. The group went on to discuss the difference between the number of read more

Search Geeks Speak: SEO Project Startup

Terry and Dave kick off seaon 6 with a panel on SEO Project Startup with longtime SEO veterans Russ Dunn and Bill Slawski. Combined the panel have over 80 years read more

This Week in Search: Season 1 Episode 6

Welcome back to another week and all the latest search and SEO news from the week past. This week we talked about Google AMP implementation; Silicon Valley Google posts search results; Google adwords expanded headlines now live; improve internal read more

Search Geeks Speak: RankBrain Panel

Welcome back to another episode of Search Geeks Speak. In this episode Terry and Dave are interviewing their smartest SEO friends Eric Enge, Ammon Johns, Bill Slawski and Doc Sheldon about RankBrain!


Terry and David went over a number of topics read more