About Us

The Story Behind Our Podcast

Creating SEO Dojo Radio

In 2009 Terry met David Harry whom he quickly realized had several common goals and joined David in founding the private SEO Training Dojo Community.  SEO Dojo Radio was created because the Webmaster Radio network turned them down for a show and in their usual style they decided “f…. ’em we’ll do it ourselves!”.  The result is over 200 podcasts and counting! Watch for some new shows and contributors as the goal for SEO Dojo Radio is to become the top podcast destination for SEOs!

Behind The Curtains at SEO Dojo Radio

Terry Van Horne

 Terry Van Horne AKA Webmaster T

SEO Dojo Radio Director of Programming

Terry is in a small group of SEOs who you could say were true pioneers in the SEO industry! He has been doing and writing about web development and SEO for over 20 years. Over the years Terry has built relationships with a virtual whos who of SEO through his sharing of knowledge in the earliest SEO publications including his own site Webmaster T’s World of Design which many of them cut their SEO teeth on!

The connections Terry has made over the years enables him (with David’s help) to assemble the best discussion panels and guests interviews on any SEO topic.



David Harry

 David Harry AKA the Gypsy

 SEO Dojo Radio Producer

David has been sharing his knowledge of Search Patents with the SEO community for decades in forums and more recently in the award winning SEO Training Dojo Community he founded in 2008 and later partnering with Terry and launching the SEO Dojo in 2009.

In his capacity as Producer of SEO Dojo Radio David works on the production side of the shows editing audio and video and show development to keep SEO Dojo Radio at the forefront of SEO Podcasts. 

About Our Shows

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